It was a warm, sunny afternoon at Tails’s house/workshop as Sonic the Hedgehog was running inside the house looking for something. Tails was inside his garage working or messing with stuff as usual when Sonic rushed inside. “Hey Tails have you seen those brown stocks I used to tickle Blaze with?” Sonic asked.

Tails looked to Sonic and said, “Well if I remember I think you left it somewhere in you’re room I believe.” Sonic nodded as he dashed in his room which was located upstairs. Once he got to his room Sonic realized how messy his room was as he shook his head and said, “What a mess better clean it up.”

With super speed at his side Sonic was able to clean his room in lightning speed. “Wow I can see my floor now,” said Sonic as he chuckled. He then ran around his room looking for the pair of stocks but he couldn’t find them. Sonic sighed as he jumped on his bed and when he did he felt something under it.

Sonic jumped off his bed to realize that the pair of stocks was under his bed the entire time. “So that’s where I left them. I have to remember that. Now off to see Blaze,” said Sonic as he grabbed the stocks and dashed downstairs to get outside. “Sonic are you planning to tickle Blaze again?”

Sonic stopped to see that had left his workshop and was sitting on the kitchen chair. “No way little buddy I have something else planned for our friend Blaze,” said Sonic with a smile on his face. Tails shook his head and said, “Well Sonic have fun and if you need me I’ll be in my shop.”

With that said Sonic dashed outside with the pair of stocks in his hands as he was heading for the altar to where Blaze the Cat was guarding the Sol Emeralds. As he was running Sonic could feel the warm air going past his body. “Wow it sure is a warm day. I hope that Blaze alright in this heat,” thought Sonic.

Meanwhile at the altar Blaze the Cat was pacing back and forth while looking at the Sol Emeralds. She wiped off some of the sweat that was on her forehead as she continued pacing around the altar. “It sure is a hot day today,” thought Blaze. She looked at the Sol Emeralds and thought, “Well I’m going to have to endure it.”

Just then Blaze saw someone was coming towards the altar and she knew that it was Sonic the Hedgehog who was coming her way. “Sonic I wonder what he wants?” Blaze asked herself. She then saw that stocks he had in his hands as Blaze knew what he was going to do. “Oh no not that again!”

Blaze was about to run but Sonic was faster so he ran around in a circle and before she knew it Blaze was in the stocks again but this time her hands were tied. Sonic stopped as a smiled appeared on his face. Blaze was shaking her head and saying, “Please Sonic not this again please.”

He kneeled down in front of her magenta heels as he removed both to relieve her white socks. Sonic touched her socks but then felt something wet on both of them. “Hmmm her feet must be sweaty oh well sweaty feet never hurt anyone,” thought Sonic as he removed both of her socks. Once he did Sonic smelled a bad odor coming from somewhere.

His eyes rolled over to see that the smell was coming from Blaze’s feet. “Hey Blaze not to be rude but you’re feet smell like dirty clothes,” said Sonic. A red blush of embarrassment appeared on Blaze’s face as she turned the other cheek. “Does…Does that mean you won’t…tickle me?” Blaze asked.

Sonic smiled as he moved closer at Blaze’s feet and she closed her eyes waiting for the tickling to happen. But instead of tickling Blaze was feeling something else something relaxing. She opened her eyes to see Sonic licking up and down her left foot and for some strange reason Blaze liked it.

Sonic kept on licking up and down Blaze’s sweaty and stinky sole and Blaze loved every moment. “This feels…so relaxing. Sonic…don’t stop,” said Blaze. He slightly nodded as he continued to lick up and down her sweaty and stinky left sole. Blaze purred every time Sonic would lick up her sole because she loved it.

He continued to lick her left sole for five minutes and then Sonic started licking in between her toes. This made Blaze purr a little louder as Sonic used his tongue to go in between her toes. “Oh this feels so good,” said Blaze. As Sonic continued licking he could taste some of the sweat but he was able to handle it.

He continued to lick in between her toes for five minutes and then he started sucking on her big toe. This was making Blaze purr and moan a couple of times as Sonic continued to suck on her big toe. “Ooohhh I love this Sonic keep going,” said Blaze happily. Sonic gave a thumb up as he continued to suck on her toe.

He continued to suck on her toe for another five minutes and then he pulled his mouth to see a trail of saliva from her toe. “Sonic please tell me you’re not done?” Blaze asked. He shook his head as he moved over to her right foot and started licking in between her toes. She purred again as Sonic licked between her toes.

“I had no idea that Blaze would love this so much,” Sonic thought. “Even though she has some smelly and sweaty feet but I can handle it.” As Sonic continued to lick in between Blaze’s toes she thought, “I can’t help it but this feels so good. I’m so glad Sonic did this to me because I love it.”

This continued for more than eight minutes as Sonic started licking up and down her sole as Blaze went on purring for the good pleasure of her sole being licked up and down. Sonic continued this for another five minutes and then he was done as he stopped licking her foot and released her.

Once Sonic released Blaze she tackled him to the ground and kissed him on the lips. She pulled back and said, “Thanks Sonic for doing that to my feet. I loved it.” He chuckled and said, “Thanks even thought they were sweaty and stinky I liked it.” She smiled as started kissing him again.